5 Reasons You Need a Sleeping Bra

5 Reasons You Need a Sleeping Bra

5 Reasons You Need a Sleeping Bra...

Developed by doctors and fashion designers; endorsed by plastic surgeons around the world.

If you are a full figured woman, have breast implants, or have large natural breasts, then you know how it feels to have the skin on your chest feel tugged and stretched with every bounce. Sports bras help with comfort at the gym, but they're too tight and restricting to wear for more than an hour or two. Wearing the Breast Whisperer Daytime & Nighttime Bra will make you feel younger and perkier, all day, everyday.  Here's a few reasons you need a bra to sleep in:

  1. Unsupported breasts age faster:  Sagginess and volume loss due to gravity and natural aging is a real thing.  As we lose volume and firmness over time, so the girls are more likely to shift to the sides when sleeping on our back or get smooshed together when sleeping on our side.  No one likes to wake up to excessive creasing and wrinkles in your décolletage
    that in the long term will make the girls look droopy and haggard from all the pulling, tugging and shifting while you sleep.  
  2. Tossing + Turning = Pulling + Tugging: We’ve all experienced the uncomfortable feeling of the twinges of pain that can occur when the girls flop around the more you toss and turn in your sleep.  There is no research saying there is harm from sleeping in a bra (aside from an underwire bra - no bueno!) However, sleeping in a bra keeps the girls in place so you can rest pain-free.
  3. 87,600 hours of Sleep by the time you're 30 years old: If you sleep on your back for 8 hours every night with your breasts unsupported throughout your 20s and 30s, that is 87,600 hours of side pulling and/or cleavage creasing. Whoa!  Hard to argue that over 87,000 hours with no support doesn’t have some significant negative effect on your tatas.
  4. Size Matters:  Whether your girls are very full or fairly there, sleep support is just as crucial for all sizes. Minimum, moderate, or maximum sizes all need corresponding support.
  5. Sweaty Slumbers:  A sleeping bra with moisture wicking fabric is a great option for those moist summer nights or those who sweat while sleeping.

Do yourself right and wear a bra at night that's scientifically created by plastic surgeons for sleeping.  Check it out here: @thebreastwhispererbra  or Shop here: The Breast Whisperer Bra

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