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  • "I've never liked bras like this before. I need underwire all of the time in order for my breasts not to hurt. I have pretty large breasts that need a lot of support. This bra is incredible. Brings a comfort I never thought I could have."
    Chelsea Uhlon
  • "This bra was exactly what I was looking for. The fabric is soft, coverage and support was sufficient for lounging, and when sleeping there was no pinching or restriction. I used the size chart from the home page and ordered a small (my bra size is 32DD) and the fit was good."
  • "Surprisingly supportive and truly comfortable. I didn't believe the reviews that you could sleep in this and forget you had it on but they're true. This is a great product!"
  • "I am a 32A and have always hated my small breasts, but after wearing the bra at night (so comfortable it's like you're not wearing one at all!) the next morning, my breasts are perkier and look as full as a B cup! I wear the bra now religiously every night and sometimes when I work out for that extra ummph! I bought the bra for my sisters too who have D's and love the support it gives them while they sleep. They too feel a difference in the morning."
    Amazon Customer
  • "I was skeptical. I always wear a bra because I just don't like having any support for my ladies (36C). So I decided to buy one of these since I saw it in an ad on Facebook. It was a little expensive BUT it is not a bad bra after-all. Don't get me wrong it doesn't really "lift" your breasts to get the same sexy look, it pretty much just holds them in place. The fabric is really soft to the point after awhile I do forget I am wearing it. I did have to put some padded cups in the bra (which there is a slot for) in order to hide my nipples but that wasn't a big deal for me. I wear this bra when I am home because I don't need that sexy lift at that time. When I sleep I have been wearing it and notice my boobs do not move much at all which is good and it is breathable fabric. For me I am a 36C I purchased the Small in black. I choose my size by going off the chart that was on the actual website for the bra."
    Jessica Paschall