Curve Product Info

Maintaining Shape & Lift without Wires or Plastic

The Breast Whisperer Bra keeps your breasts feeling full and feminine, without the stiffness of an underwire. Its seamless design means it fits well under clothing - even the thinnest of materials.

The Ultimate Full Wear Bra

Dr. Eichenberg has trademarked The Breast Whisperer. With Ankur Chakraborty, he has developed a nighttime bra that is specifically designed to counteract the effects of gravity for women with implants. There has never been a bra designed for this purpose by such a specialized team of doctors and fashion designers.

Comfort and Hold for Augmented Breasts

Sports bras can be very compressive and underwire bras are too bulky and stiff to sleep in. This Nighttime Bra is so comfortable that you will sleep soundly in it all night long, while avoiding sleep lines or boob lines.